Nina - Intermountain Home Builders LLC

I am writing this letter on behalf of Cheryl White.  Intermountain Home Builders LLC has used Cheryl as our only realtor for several years now.  We have uses many realtors in the past, but have never had the care and satisfaction that Cheryl has been able to offer to our company.

We have never found anyone that could work with all kinds of personalities, difficult situations and all sizes of projects.  It takes a very special person to be able to work with all different personalities as pleasantly as she does.   She is the most honest person we known and is always open to any adjustments deemed necessary.  The miraculous part of all of this is she brings that true honesty with her to the table.  We have had realtors argue about verbal agreement, not support us when they are representing us and just plain been dishonest with our company.  Never once has Cheryl come even close to doing that with us.   She bends over backwards and many times has to go the extra mile, even the extra dollar, for us.  I cannot stress how pleasant under all circumstances, how hard working and how honest Cheryl is, 100% of the time.

I have recommended her to anyone I know who have been looking for a realtor and will continue to so.  Now that is quite a compliment to Cheryl after all the years we have been working together, to be able to still recommend her so highly. She only gathers more respect from us with each job we are involved in with her. 

Michael - Sierra View Development LLC

I am happy to write this business reference for Cheryl White.  Cheryl has been an invaluable assistant to my real estate endeavors of the last four years.  We my partner and I started working together on a small subdivision project on the Bozeman Pass.  Cheryl was instrumental in getting these lots advertised and sold within a year period.  The Sierra View Subdivision was a much larger project that consisted of fifty home sites and many more issues.  Cheryl and her office worked with us with the development of the project from the beginning to the end.  She spent months gathering information on the subdivision prior to us purchasing the land, which help us make a sound financial decision.  Next she developed a marketing plan to sell the lots, which included advertising in different media from newspaper, radio, real estate magazines and the internet.  She developed a working relationship with several banks, contractors, and manufacture home sales representatives. Cheryl is one of those rare real estate agents that really care for her clients.  She also assisted the new homeowners when there were glitches in the process even though she wasn't required, but she did this make the package come together. 

Cheryl has worked with other realtors or personally sold 35 out of the 50 lots in the summer of 2001.  She made this easy by keeping me updated with the progress of financing each home, ordering title reports, helped in the architect review of each property, and stayed in communication with the all of the associated people it takes to put their projects together.  She also put the owners in touch with construction subcontractors for installing foundation, bring power and gas and other activities.  Many of these owners were first time homebuyers and in need of guidance.

I want to end by saying that I would recommend Cheryl to anyone and have recommended her to my friends and associates when they needed a real estate agent.  In the area of subdivision development, Cheryl has the experience and drive that is required and I think she would add value to your project as a listing agent.  In the future, if we can find a new piece of land I wouldn't hesitate to start another project with her.

Earl - Lewis Town, Montana

I have been doing business with Cheryl White and her associates for over 4 years.

Cheryl is a very honest and hardworking realtor, who you will be well served by when she is working on your behalf.  She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the business of real estate; and realistic when I ask for her opinion about property values, and what the future may be for the property investments in the Bozeman area.  If she does not know the answer to my questions, she will tell me so, she will then do the research and provide the answer.   I can trust that she is looking after my best interest, which is a rare quality to find in a business associate these days.  I have completed over fifty Real Estate transactions with Cheryl White and her associates at Century21 and look forward to many more. 

Fred - Buyer and Seller

Cheryl took my wife and me across the street from where she lives and unlocked a door to a home for sale.  She had shown us a number of homes and properties.  Cheryl said that she thought this would be a home that we would like, now knowing us in a friendly and professional manner.  

Upon entering, I fell in love with the house and looked back at my wife who whispered, "I love it."  We put a hold on it.  After that Cheryl, like a protective mother grizzly, guarded our needs, and answered questions in the very friendly way.  She expedited the completion of the sale in a mature fashion, impressing me no end.

Cheryl is handling the sale of two of our Montana properties.  One of them is deep in the mountains, but she shows the place regardless of outside temperatures and drives a road better travelled by horse.  It is her devotion to task that touches me deeply.  I know that I can depend on her to get the job done.  

In the call beyond duty Cheryl has fed the cats that the came with home she secured for us and I feel good about renting it out to a person who does a considerable amount of travelling.  I know that Cheryl will take proper care while the renter is gone.  She volunteered.

Meeting her bespeaks a family together and happy.  Cheryl is multifaceted in her skills and projection of inner love.  In conclusion, I would recommend Cheryl without reservation.